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Thursday, September 28th, 2006
6:56 pm
I went to see Ladytron last night, they were absolutely amazing!!! and they used lots of Korgs!!! It was probably one of the best shows Ive ever seen. Nothing was sequenced at all. All synths were played in real time, with a real drummer, and guitar and bass. The guitarits used a Vox Phantom (like Ian Curtis used) There were 2 Korg MS20's and at least 3 Korg Ms2000's. 6 people in all. Sigh. I am thinking about going again tonight, but I am sooooo tired! I may have to skip on it. That is upsetting for me though, as I would really like pictures of the show. They had amazing stage presence.

Anyway, thats all.
Sunday, August 20th, 2006
3:13 pm
Kafka and Oyu, are both back in working order!!!!!!!!! first of all, Kafka almost just killed me. After fixing him I played him through an amp... I heard things in my ears that I did not know I could hear. The sounds existed somewhere within my head. They are now feeling alittle exhausted. That is the power of Kafka!
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
10:14 pm
watching fight club for the umpteenth time... She is my Marla.
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
9:12 am
ok, for those that know me very well this may come as a surprise, but i read my horoscope today (as ive been trying to do more lately). it said that success will not come from gambling or romance, but from a gift from my father. haha. silly. i admit that reading horoscopes has beena secret pleasure of mine lately.

anyway, thats all.
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
6:47 pm
the other day i came home to find that the door was unlocked and some lights on in the apartment. i just thought that my roomate had come home and went to the deli or something. then i went out for the night and came home late. the dorr was still unlocked and things were the same (my roomate was not present). still i did not think anything of it. then yesterday i took the day off of work and stayed home all day relaxing (i had just finished abig prooject teh day before and requested the day off). my roomate came home from work yesterday evening and sked me if i had gone through his change. i did not, i had thought that he ransacked his own room looking for something.
apparently my roomate had not come home at all until yesterday after work. i then noticed that the screen to a window was slit. it looks as though someone broke into our apartment, went through his closet that is in the living room, went through his drawers and threw stuff on the floor. it looks as though they only took loose change. nothing in my room seemd to be touched. my computer, and synthesizers still sitting where they were left by me before. i could not tell if anyone tried going through my closet because it is always a complete disaster area. it just seems so strange that i could be in my own apartment for 2 days and not even notice that it was broken into!
also the only 2 things that are extremely valuable to me were not touched. they are:

1) my Royal Copenhagen blue crystal bowl ( I bought it when in the seventh grade!)
2) an empty bottle of bubbles. (most valuable possesion)

My poor roomate though. I call him charlie brown because he has the absolute worst luck of anyone i know!
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
10:47 am
Ive just found out that Syd Barrett just recently died. Everyone should listen to the Madcap Laughs and smile. sigh.
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
7:46 pm
cleaning is what i did today. my seemingly once a season cleaning episode has just passed, and the results are quite amazing! My room is nice and spacious. my roomate says there is an echo even. i did jumping jacks without kicking electronics or clothing or paper of some sort. so that has been my weekend.

hope all is well with everyone else.
Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
8:49 am
One thing I do not like about NYC is the lack of smiling. I often flash people a happy "hello" smile, and instead get a blank or something look.
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
8:12 am
Happy Birthday my Very Light, Very Love!!!!
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
8:37 am
sigh. ive gotten my glasses, which i do like, but now i seem to look like: buddy holly, clark kent, the guy from eternal sunshine... etc. all men. all normal looking men at that! normal. i should buy my clothes from baby, the stars they shine bright.
Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
11:50 am
First off I must apologize profusely to a friend (who knows who she is) for not getting together last night. We had a complete misunderstanding that she thought was resolved, but it was still misunderstood till yesterday when my plans changed because i thought hers did as well. I will make it up to this person with a fixed corset in short time!
Secondly, yesterday was an unbelievably bad day. I should have stayed home from the beginning. Well it was not that bad at the end, but throughout was terible!. It started with the fery being late. Then I got to the office of which I had just recieved keys to. One of the keys did not work, so I coul dnot get in! I have alot of work to do, and cannot do it because i cannot get into the damned office! So then I see my hair and think "i think its time for a haircut". I call me mum to ask her to look up the place called Super Cuts. Of course I messed up the name and told her it was called cheap cuts. (because they are inexpensive). she gave me an address anyway. 233 Spring St. While walking there I was thinking to myself that I had never seen a super cuts on spring. It turned out that she had sent me to the Aveda Institute. It is a school with lots of cute girls and boys doing makeup and hair. I was tired and decided why not. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!! you sit and wait for one of the many many students to call your name. (the students all have a sheet of papaer that has your name on it.) There were lots of people there getting their hair done. I was alittle reluctant, but did it anyway. I saw a couple of girls with punky hair in blue, pink, yellow (not blond) and such. I of course was hoping that one of these girls would cut my hair. Instead I got a girl from staten island. i think she hated me. it is the only reason i can think of her to make me look like i do now! she held my hair out and said "i think it would be best if we cut this much" which was not bad. it still gave my hair some length.
I closed my eyes, dozed off a couple of times, watched the other cute haircutters, but did not pay attention to the progress of my own hair cutting. she did not have me facing a mirror, so it was actually impossible for me to see what she was doing.
I was in shock. she took any amount of femininity that i have left and chopped it down like a strip mining operation in the rainforest. i now look like i am joining the military. my Very Light Very Love will hate the way i look! I do not know what to do! Im thinking of go0ing out and getting frilly pink dresses to help offset this terrible look!


after that i went to the circuit bending workshop, where i met a friend from boston. i also met someone from sweden, who is a very nice person. we all came back to my place and made happy sounding synth pop. as the night wore on though i realized my newly found friend from sweden may in fact be a neo-nazi! i am sooo stupid for not seeing the tell tale signs of the white suspenders and such like that! He probably thought i was one of them because of my new hair cut! I am not really sure that he is neo-nazi, but he is abit ignorant of jewish people. apparently in sweden there are not many jewish people. i let it be known that i am half jewish. my friend from boston is also jewish. he did not seem to hate us or anything and al was great, so i am not really sure if he is neo-nazi.
anyway that was my day yesterday.
Friday, April 21st, 2006
6:23 pm
ok... today food was: breakfast- artichoke salad, vitamin water.
lunch- beef tostada salad, 2 oranges, water, cadbury mini eggs.
dinner will be left over pizza.
Thursday, April 20th, 2006
8:59 pm
lunch: burger king whopper, fruit punch, french fries, a smoothie from smoothie king.

dinner: has not happened yet
9:05 am
breakfast: tabouli salad, energy drink, pink grapefruit juice.
7:15 am
this entry is jsut to see if a particular someone is doing ok. Girl, are you there? Are you doing ok?
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
10:09 pm
first off i would like to apologize to any it may bother, but i amposting my daily diet for about a week. i think it may help me to do so.
secondly, i wanted to mention a film that is so beautiful so sublime! there are not many things that have been made that i know of that i would judge a person based on their reaction to, but this is one of them. Wings of Desire. it is unbelievable in its sensitivity, its utter beauty. i cannot believe that a person could even create such a masterpiece as it, but it is there. it has been made (and butchered by hollywood with the movie city of angels).
if a person does not like this movie, does not feel moved by this movie, does not have patience to sit through it because of it having subtitles, then i think that person is flawed.i really hate to say it, but it is so. how can a person live without feeling empathy, compassion, awe, wonder? not even that, but something.
i also wanted to add... that movie is a representation of how i feel about Desiree. ( i usually would not use her name in a post, but it has to be used in this one). i cannot recal the first time i saw it, but it may very well have been with her. i wish i knew. it is also beyond simply a representation of how i feel about her, but what i think she is. i cannot completely explain it. it is more of a feeling that
lies somewhere slightly out of reach of my vocabulary.

the rest of the day after my lunch i had: potato chips with french onion dip, 3 hard boiled eggs, pink grapefruit juice, and a beer.

my diet does not seem to be that great of one!
4:19 pm
lunch: vegetable pizza, coca-cola, pringles, red bull. (no wings as of yet)
8:46 am
healthy day #1 breakfast: artichoke salad. Monster energy drink. (lo-carb energy drink with ginseng and such. is it good for me though?)
Monday, April 17th, 2006
1:26 pm
I am at work right now, just finished lunch. It was an ok lunch of fried chicken and french fries. Fixing drawings really sucks! messing them up is even worse though! That is what I am doing tody, fixing a set of drawings that I messed up, but it was not completely my fault, and luckily that is understood.
Anyway that is work. At home lately Ive been spending much time alone (unless of course my roomate is home and people stop by) Mostly though on the weekends I do not go out accept to do laundry and groceries. What do I do then you ask? Wellllll I play lots of music but have not been recording any of it. I think about stone carving more than I have actually been carving. That is more due to the fact that I have been doing so much music lately. I have a gig coming up on May 5th that I hope the band has new material for. The old material is too repetitive and the guitarist cannot play and sing. Soooo we will not have him play at all. Just sing. Thats great you may say, but with no guitar what happens? Well that means that everything falls on me for coming up with melody and keeping a rythmic section going along with the bass and drums. I am both excited and nervous about that. I do not feel I am all that great at coming up with melodies.
Other than that I am doing ok. Ive been thinking alot about anarchy, and had alovely discussion with my Very Light Very Love about anarchy yesterday. She is very good at finding all the little gaps and holes in my ideas. There are always lots of gaps and holes, so I am thankful for her making them apparent. She is so wonderful, my fated love.
Friday, March 24th, 2006
6:40 am
so today is officially Death Day. Usually I feel happy(ish) today, but this DD I am feeling melancholy. I am currently listening to 'The Seahorse Rears to Oblivion' by Current 93. I cannot remember, but I think he made this particular album for his father who had died.
I wanted to mention about someone special in my life. I do not know if I had ever realy written about her, and why she is so special. I know she would more than likely not want me to use her name in this, so she is 'she' in this. For some reason this day also makes me think of her; her and her wonderful mind. When we met it was immediate. 1994 at the Limelight. It is not so much about when we met that I am thinking of today though. It is her that I am thinking of, and how amazing she is. There still has not been a mind like hers that I have encountered to this date. Her eyesight had been pretty bad up to a couple of years ago when she got contact lenses. I sometimes think that that is why her mind works the way it does. It seems like everything is like a dream in her world. In her eyes you can see that there is something special in there. It is a world that I have only touched upon by invite only of course. but i do not really know if i was invited. there is a secretive aura that surrounds her that even i, have not been able to penetrate. Her favourite place in the world is Antarctica. i believe this to be due to the fact that there is noone there. it is just white everywhere, with penguins that group together.
i can imagine her one day making it to Antarctica and freezing there on some glacial plane, to be thawed out at a time when the world is a silent place, and she walks along it alone and happy.
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